What is “rhetoric”?

Rhetoric is about communicating your ideas and messages effectively and efficiently through speech or writing. It also deals with persuasion, but it is about more than just that. Rhetoric is used to have an impact on one’s audience; your words, whether it’s text or speech, can have an incredible impact on your audience, which is why it’s important to use rhetoric if you intend to “move” them.

Rhetoric dates back to the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans, who taught it to young boys. The ancient Greeks and ancient Romans who taught rhetoric believed that we should our words to discuss issues with others rather than have wars to solve problems. There are several rhetorical devices you can use when communicating with an audience, and the article “21 Rhetorical Devices Explained” describes some rhetorical devices that you can use. Below is a chart that explains three terms that are used in rhetoric:



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