Keeping Up With the Technology

In Arroyo’s video, I really enjoyed how they talked about the action of “swiping” has changed, and will continue to change, the way humans act with technology. I really liked all the different connects she made between the use of iPads and normal body functions (i.e. “swiping” –> erasing). For me, iPads are more difficult to use than a desktop. Perhaps that’s because I grew up using desktops (or even laptops), causing my understanding and familiarity with iPads to be much more limited. Writing long pieces of text, such as a paper, or certain apps are much more difficult on an iPad than a desktop. Personally I feel as though I have more control of my work on a desktop or laptop than I do on an iPad because on an iPad my finger is in control of everything.

Another very intriguing part of Arroyo’s video is the discussion of “symbiotic relationships,” which is about the relationship between writing, the body, and performative platforms. This really connected with me because I feel as though this is what we’re doing with our video projects for Cardinal Hill. We have our plans and writing, but we also have to work with the physical aspects of filming, editing, meeting with people, and so on (the body aspect). Then, there is the performative platform, which I believe is made up not only of the physical area we film on but also the platform we present the final video to the works of Cardinal Hill as well as the platform/medium that we use to create this video. In our case, the platform or medium is iMovie.

The video made by Carter is also a useful source. He explains lots of different ideas and tips for making projects similar to the ones we’re making for Cardinal Hill. One thing that I think is important to keep in mind when filming and editing our footage we should discuss what footage is good and what footage isn’t worth keeping. We all worked on this footage together, so it’s important that we don’t just get rid of some it without going over it with the group in order to ensure whether or not it can actually be used in the video. One of our partner’s might have an amazing way to add that short clip into the final video and maybe even combine it with some audio. This reminds me of how Carter mentions that he’s aware his footage and projects might be deleted by his daughter.


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