Writing Portfolio: Part V

Much of what was stated in “Concept 1: Writing is a Social & Rhetorical Activity” and “Concept 2: Writing Speaks to Situations through Recognizable Forms”. One quote that stood out to me is that “writing can never be anything but a social and rhetorical act” (18). The reason that I liked this quote is because I feel that is what I am doing with my project. I am presenting information about Latinos in the LGBTQ+ community; therefore, I am contributing important information about a group of people that might not be well understood. I have decided to make a website, and by doing so, I will definitely be creating a rhetorical project that encompasses social issues.

Another quote that stood out to me is: “Writers use writing to generate knowledge that they didn’t have before” (19). I consider this statement to be very powerful because no matter how much someone might know about a subject, there is always more to learn. I can really relate to this quote because I am creating this project to learn more about Latinos in the LGBTQ+ community as well as to share the research that I gather. I want to share the knowledge I gather because I think that the group I am focusing should receive more attention so that others can understand the struggles that they face. Thinking about this pushes me to want to make sure that I represent this group well. I am not a part of the group, but I still want to highlight what it is like to be a part of their community.

With that said, perhaps the most important quote that I found that relates to my project is: “Writing involves ethical choices because every time we write for another person, we prose a relationship with other human beings, our readers.” I consider this quote to be incredibly significant because it definitely made me pause and reflect on my project. I would love to connect with Latino and/or LGBTQ+ organizations in my city so that I can collect information about what it is like to be Latino within the LGBTQ+; I want to provide first-hand insight about these experiences so I can convey the struggles that the members face. Also, I think it would be interesting to add a page on my website that would provide resources to theses organizations for the members of this community who live in my city. This way they can connect with more people like them as well as have a support system.


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