Progress Report 1

After my first conference, I feel better about my project because I feel like I am headed in a good direction. I decided to focus on how Latinos in the LGTBQ+ community are represented in the media. I know that this topic is still narrow so I have been working to do just that. In order to narrow my project, I have been thinking about why I want to do this project. What do I want to learn as well as help others learn about Latinos in the LGBTQ+ community? How can I do this? I have decided that I should focus on two films OR specific episodes from a television show and ultimately compare/contrast depending on what I decide to do.

I really want to help contribute to this topic. In order to do so, I want to answer these questions: how are micro aggressions against Latino in the LGBTQ+ community reflected in films or television shows? How does this representation and rhetoric influence Americans’ perceptions of Latinos in the LGBTQ+ community? Are there films or television shows that are combatting these microagressions and stereotypes in ways that are groundbreaking/noteworthy? Why does it seem to me that Latinos in the LGBTQ+ community are underrepresented in these forms of media? With these questions in mind, I want to create a project that helps answer these questions so that others can learn more about this group as well.

On this note, since my conference with my professor, I have been doing my best to think of how to  narrow my project more because I know that I really need to narrow my topic. That is why I started asking myself questions. I have been thinking that I can focus on the representation of Latino LGBTQ+ people by how they are depicted in specific productions that have been created/published in the last 5 years. The reason I chose this time frame is because I want whatever film(s) or television show that I select to be recent and perhaps recognizable to a wider audience.  Now I would like to focus ore on film and television—perhaps include Hamilton, even though it’s a play. Maybe I could compare Hamilton as a play to a specific movie or show; thus, I could compare the differences and similarities. I could illustrate how these micro aggressions negatively shape Americans’ views Latinos as well as how Latinos are combat the micro aggressions/stereotypes.

I realize that if I use Hamilton as an artifact, then I am straying away from the LGBTQ+ aspect; therefore, I recognize that I should probably not include that as an artifact. Instead, I could focus on two films (like I stated at the beginning of this post) in order to demonstrate how Latinos in the LGBTQ+ community are portrayed and how microaggressions are used against them, and how the film combats those microaggressions. At this point, I feel as though I am headed in a much better direction. However, I am not sure if I have narrowed it down more, but I am still brainstorming in order to make my topic more narrow.

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