Writing Portfolio: Part VI

When I meet with my second and outside reader this semester, I want to my meetings to be productive. For that reason, I have started to generate a few questions that I can use to direct our conversations. Along with the questions, I included some reasoning as to why I listed these questions.

Should I use a certain type of rhetorical methodology to analyze the films or television show?

I want to analyze how the rhetoric used to shape Latino LGBTQ+ characters influence Americans’ perception of this group. Using a specific rhetorical methodology will assist me with my analysis. I plan to discuss this with Dr. Whiddon.

What type of films should I compare? Should I compare/contrast 2 films from different genres, time periods, etc.?

In order to keep myself focused and my project narrow, I made a decision earlier this week to focus on films that have been released within the last year. However, I think it would be interesting to compare films from different time periods in order to analyze how the rhetoric and perceptions have changed (if at all).

If I decide to analyze a television show, how many episodes should I analyze?

Although I want to include enough episodes that I have enough support as well as enough footage to analyze, I do not want to include too many episodes. I do not want to overwhelm my audience. At the same time, I only have so much time, meaning I only have enough room/time for analysis. With that in mind, I need to consider how much time I have to watch episodes and analyze each one.

What type of television show should I analyze?

I still want to go with the time frame that I stated above, but I am not sure if I should choose a show that is more mainstream. At the same time, I do think it would be important to choose a television show that is well-known because that means a wider audience will be familiar with it and perhaps understand my analysis better.

Should the films or television show I select be ones that are also produced by LGBTQ+ Latinos?

If the creators aren’t a part of this specific group, then perhaps I could find films or a television show in which the creators identify with one of the two groups. I listed this question because I think it would not only be neat to watch and analyze a show like this but also because I think it is important to represent the group in my project. Since my project is about the representation of LGBTQ+ Latinos, I believe it is important that I try to include this group as much as possible in my project.

Would it be useful to add Spanish text in my project?

Since I am writing about Latinos, I believe that it is important to make my website available to those who are more comfortable speaking Spanish. I only have a semester to do this project so I am not sure if I can create a website that could appear in English and Spanish. However, I think it would be a clever rhetorical move if I included some Spanish phrases throughout my website. (Shout out to Dr. Hauman for this idea!)



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