Free Writing: Part I

Section 1.1 “Writing is a Knowledge-Making Activity” really resonates with me because I feel as though that I am playing a big part in this activity. I am “[generating] new thinking” and I am “mulling over a problem, thinking with others, and exploring new ideas or bringing new ideas together” (19). Because I am creating a project about Latinos within the LGBTQ+ community, I am developing research about a group of people that might not be well-known by others; therefore, I am “mulling” over what it is like to be a member of this group and bringing their struggles to light. I am also going to highlight Latino and/or LGBTQ+ organizations in Lexington so that this group can connect with others like them as well as find a support system.

Perhaps the quote that stood out to me this in this section (and the reading as a whole) is: “writers use writing to generate knowledge that they didn’t have before” (19). The reason that th is stood out to me is because it describes me perfectly. I do not have much knowledge about Latinos within the LGBTQ+ community because I am not a member of the group, but I am using this project to learn more for myself as well as spread information to others who are like me. For me, this goal of this project is to use my privileged voice focus on the struggles of and microaggressions geared at this group so that others can be aware too. Of course I do not want to talk over them; I want to help them, which is why I want to get in touch with organizations here in Lexington.


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