Free Writing: Part II

I learned about how critical race theory can be applied to gender, which caused me to think about what sort of methodology I want to incorporate in my project. Since I am focusing on Latinos as well as the LGBTQ+ community, it’s important that I use a rhetorical methodology that fits both or will highlight how I am analyzing how films represent or silence this group. I learned about the oppression that comes from within the Latino community in regards to how LGBTQ+ individuals and the community is portrayed, accepted or not, etc. I’ve also learned about how Spanish male directors have influenced “lesbian filmic discourse.”

Over fall break, I intend watch the two films and take notes. I’ve already written how I envision the format of the website to look on a piece of paper; on this paper, I’ve started to map out what I want included in each section/on each page. I will start to flesh my website out more as well as add some research to it this weekend and next week.


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