Progress Report 2

I feel like I am in a good spot with my project. Over fall break, I worked extensively on my website’s format and different pages/sections. For example, I figured out the aesthetic of the website that I think looks and works best. I also completed the “About the Project” page; on this page, I explain why I chose this topic as well as state my thesis. I created this page so that my thesis can clearly be found. There is also an “About the Author” page in which I describe myself so that audiences can learn about me.

Furthermore, there is a tab on the menu that’s called “Research.” This tab serves as a menu header; when you hover your cursor over the tab, 4 links to other pages will show up. The first tab is called “Critical Race Theory.” Over fall break, I worked a lot on this page. I described the methodology and how it relates to the LGBTQ+ Latino films and community. One of my sources that I included in my annotated bibliography helped me explain this theory. In addition to this journal article, I found an another source that I also referred to in order to describe the critical race theory. I wanted to create a specific page that described the methodology so that my audience can understand. Not everyone might understand the theory completely—or at all—which is why I wanted to include that page.

The second link is called “Fresas y Chocolate” and the third link is called “Cuatros Lunas.” I made separate pages for each film so that it’s clear to my audience which film I am focusing on each second. Of course I will reference both films on each page and even include a little bit of an analysis  of both on each page, but I wanted to differentiate so that it’s clear for my audience. Over fall break, I added a bit of background information about each film on their respective pages. I did this so that my audience can understand what the films are about if they’ve never watched it before. The fourth and final link is called “Sources”; I wanted to provide my works cited on the website like I would in a traditional research paper so that my audience can know where I got my information.


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