Writing Portfolio: Part VII

Since starting at Transy, I realize that I have learned a lot about how to write well and how to write papers for different class topics or perhaps different fields altogether; as I reflect on my initial Writing Portfolio, I realize that I have learned a lot about myself as a writer over the years. I have written a lot of papers or created projects that are centered on topics and issues that are very important to me. Not only that, I have created projects using mediums that are not traditional, such as a research paper. In the past, I have created videos with groups in class and even created websites for personal projects. All in all, I think these projects really reflect me as a person and writer because I have created projects that illustrate what I am passionate about. These projects and papers have not only helped me grow as a writer but also they have allowed me to learn a lot about all the different aspects of writing, rhetoric, and communication.

After reading Kathleen Blake Yancey’s chapter about “Representation-in-Presentation,” a few of her ideas and metaphors stuck out to me. One of the metaphors that stuck out to me the most is the concept of “What have I learned?” The reason that this called my attention is because it is very personal to me, considering my project for senior seminar. For example, I was–and still am–very interested in learning about LGBTQ+ Latinos and their representation in films. I am learning a lot about my topic as I explore articles (including scholarly articles) about film festivals, find different Latino films that depict LGBTQ+ individuals, and watch two specific Latino films. I can already tell that I am learning very much as I study the critical race theory and how it can be applied to LGBTQ+ Latinos representation in films.

In her chapter, Yancey begs the questions: What did I learn? How did this course help me learn? These questions are significant because I feel as though they are very  applicable to me at the moment. I am not quite finished with my project, but I am already learning a lot. For example, I am learning about how a new theory and how I can apply it to the areas I am interested in by using it as a rhetorical methodology to analyze films. Creating website with Wix allows me to figure out how to present my research in a way that is not only visually appeal but also coherent. If I wrote a traditional research essay about LGBTQ+ Latinos, then I would construct my research in a very different without having to consider the aesthetic and visual components that are applied to a website. This course has allowed me to explore topics and learn what I am interested while encouraged me to try something new. Another thing I have learned about representation in films, which I understood existed before but I had never had examined it through an academic lens. Lastly, I have learned a lot about a group of people that I was not very familiar with before.


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