Elevator Pitch: Part II

Fiction or not, films, like other forms of media, shape our understanding and perceptions of the individuals or groups that they portray. For that reason, I decided to research the representation of a group that I was originally not very familiar with: LGBTQ+ Latinos. For my project, I am researching the representation of LGBTQ+ Latinos in films and how this representation influences perceptions of this group within cultures. By using the critical race theory, I chose to analyze two Latino films: Fresas y Chocolate (a Cuban film) and Cuatro Lunas (a Mexican film). My goal with this project is to contribute to research about LGBTQ+ and Latinos as well as reveal how our perceptions of others are not only shaped by media but also reflected in media. This way others can also learn how representation can impact what we think about and how we interact with those around us, especially groups/individuals that are different from us.


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