Internship: Weeks 1-2

Week 1: January 22-28, 2017

Week 2: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, 2017

In my first two weeks at Lexington Community Radio this semester, I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn how to edit shows as well as post them on the station’s SoundCloud. I have not had much experience with editing in the past so it has been very fun learning how to do so. Audacity is the software that Lexington Community Radio uses to edit the shows; it is a relatively easy software to use so it has not taken very long for me to get used to it. There are some aspects that I am still learning about Audacity, but for the most part, what I have to do does not involve lots of detailed work.

For the time being, I am focusing on editing one DJ’s show. The show is known as “Becoming Lexington” or “Convirtiendonos en Lexington” in Spanish. “Becoming Lexington” is an incredibly interesting show in which the DJ Miranda Brown shares the stories of diverse individuals within the Lexington community. On the show, Brown shares fascinating new interviews of the remarkable and captivating people of Lexington. Perhaps the coolest part of her show—to me at least—is that she speaks in English and in Spanish, which helps share these compelling stories with the Latino community. The people that Brown interviews are all very unique, which is why it is amazing and important that she speaks in both languages.

During my second week, I had the chance to talk with her briefly over the phone and explain what I would be doing. Brown was very excited about what I am doing because I am helping share her show with a wider audience. Since El Pulso 95.7 is a low-powered station, it does not reach other parts of the state. Posting her shows online in podcast form means that people around the globe can listen to her show. I really enjoy being able to help her expand her presence and share her amazing show with more people online. In addition to phone communication, Brown and I have communicated through email as well. Communicating through email is great because she can share information about her radio station, including descriptions for the show and episodes. This information is important to me because it helps me understand her show better so that I can represent it as best as possible online.

During my second work, I continued editing Brown’s show and uploading it SoundCloud. At this point, I also got to help post on Lexington Community Radio’s social media. I have had lots of experience with public relations and marketing on social media so I am really excited to help them with that when necessary, but my main focus is to help with the station with editing and uploading podcasts. This semester I am very excited to improve my audio editing skills; it is a very fun process, and I think it will definitely be beneficial to have these skills in the future.

Interning at Lexington Community Radio has been a very fun and rewarding experience. I really enjoy getting to meet with so many members of the Lexington community. Every time I am at the radio station, I am enhancing my interpersonal communication skills. I am really looking forward to being able to help with any events that Lexington Community Radio hosts or participates in Lexington and assist with their podcasts. Over the last couple weeks and months, I have really enjoyed interning at the radio station. I am certain that it will continue to be an amazing experience.


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