Internship: Week 3

Week of February 5, 2017

This week was full of trial and error, which led to lots of great learning experiences. I realized that the podcasts I uploaded on SoundCloud weren’t available to play in the United States. The reason they weren’t available is because I accidentally didn’t upload them in the correct format; it was an easy mistake, but it was still quite frustrating for me. Everyone at the station was understanding and encouraged me that it was an easy fix. That same day I resaved the files but in the correct format this time. I haven’t had the chance to  re-upload them, but I plan to very soon.

At the moment, I’m still editing some of Miranda Brown’s previously recorded shows. I haven’t had a chance to listen any of her shows all the way through yet, but from what I’ve heard as I’m editing, I really enjoy it. I catch pieces of the interviews she’s recorded; I think it’s amazing that she gets to meet and talk to so many awesome people in Lexington. She captures so many fascinating stories, and I really enjoy listening to them. Since she can translate the stories in Spanish, I bet she gets an even wider audience. Being able to translate the stories in Spanish is great because she can even interview Spanish-speakers within the Lexington community, especially some that might not know English well—or at all. I think it’s great that Miranda can share so many incredible stories because it helps others understand the experiences of those around them.

This semester I’m really looking forward to helping Lexington Community Radio expand their presence. I’m happy that I can help them reach a wider audience by uploading podcasts on SoundCloud as well as assist with various other tasks, such as delivering flyers to local businesses that sponsor Lexington Community Radio. LCR is really active in the Lexington community; for instance, they’re participating in a concert series called LexBrunch at the Burl that starts February 12. I think this will be another great way for them to expand their presence while simultaneously supporting other local organizations, individuals, etc. I’m excited to attend the concert series as well as bring my parents to one of the brunches so that they can sort of see what I do.


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