Internship: Weeks 4-5

Week 4: February 12-18, 2017

Week 5: February 19-25, 2017

Over the last week, I have continued editing “Becoming Lexington” shows as well as uploading the podcasts to Lexington Community Radio’s SoundCloud. Currently, I am trying to focus on how I explain each podcast in its description on SoundCloud. On SoundCloud, I have made a playlist that displays all of the “Becoming Lexington” shows I have uploaded thus far. When you click on a certain podcast, it will play and also display a description/bio of sorts. I have contacted Miranda Brown and asked for help identifying the names of the individuals in her interviews; that way I can state the person’s name, qualifications, and other background information in the description. Adding this information will help differentiate each podcast in the “Becoming Lexington” playlist. Ultimately, this will also help viewers have a better understanding of what they are about to listen to as well as provide them important information they can use to understand the interviewee.

At the moment, I am really focusing on trying to finish editing and uploading “Becoming Lexington” on SoundCloud. She’s been recording this show for several months so there are quite a few shows I have to go through. However, I am really enjoying listening to the bits and pieces that I get to hear while I am editing. I think that Miranda Brown’s show is really fascinating and brilliant; I am glad that there is a show like this being recorded. I hope I can finish uploading the podcasts soon as well as listen to one of them.

On Sunday, February 12, my parents and I went to the Burl for LexBrunch. We got to eat food from Doodles and listen to Tee Dee Young perform. Serving as an intern at LCR really helps me learn about awesome events and organizations within the Lexington community. It is really fun learning about this stuff and being able to share the information with my friends and family so that they can enjoy it too. I hope to attend this event in the future and bring more friends along with me!


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