Internship: Weeks 6-7

Week 6: Feb. 26 – March 4, 2017

Week 7: March 5-11, 2017

During week 6, I faced some challenges mostly in regards to time management. I was very busy that week because I signed up to go to the Career Fair downtown on Tuesday, which is usually when I go to the radio station; I ended up going after the Career Fair, but not for as long as I would have liked. Then, on Wednesday, there was senior preview so I could not use what was normally free time to upload podcasts onto SoundCloud. Greek Weekend started last Thursday night, and I was in charge of it so I had my hands full. Greek Weekend took weeks of planning, but the week of (and the actual weekend) took up so much of my time. Luckily, I got spend as much time as I usually do at the radio station last Thursday because the first Greek Weekend event was late at night.

Now that Greek Weekend is over and I have caught up on homework, I have a had a bit of chance to breathe. This Tuesday (February 28) I finally finished editing all of the “Becoming Lexington” shows that Miranda Brown has recorded. I have saved all of podcasts on my USB drive that way I can upload them when I am not at the radio station. The Wifi at the radio station is rather slow so it is easier for me to upload the podcasts to SoundCloud when I am not there. I spent most of my free time on Wednesday uploading all of the podcasts that had not been uploaded yet.

Now that they are all uploaded, I can go back and add extra important information to the description of each podcast. In the descriptions, I plan to add the name of who Brown interviewed; that way listeners can have that readily available to them in case they want to look up that person online for additional information. I would also like to add a couple sentences of information about that person so that listeners can have an understanding of what that podcast might be about. In addition, I have thought about adding a specific picture for each podcast so that they would all stand out from one another. I intend to communicate with Miranda Brown in order to ensure that I am spelling names correctly as well as get her opinion on what pictures to use (if that is something she would like to do).

The last two weeks have been very productive, even though they have been extremely busy. I hope to have a chance soon to deliver more flyers to businesses in order to help promote Lexington Community Radio within in the Lexington community. I also want to go to LexBrunch again soon because I really enjoyed listening to local musicians and eating local food.


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