Internship: Week 8

Week of March 12, 2017

Over Spring Break, I communicated with a man named Sebastián Hernández. Sebastián Hernández is one of the co-hosts of “Ciencia sin miedo”, and I’ve edited and uploaded the show to Lexington Community Radio’s SoundCloud. He has information and scripts that I can use in order to update “Ciencia sin miedo” and each episode. By writing a description for each episode as well as providing a general description for  the show, the audience will be able to know what they’re listening to before they click on the episode. In addition, the viewers will be able to know information in the event that they want to research it more.

In the coming week, I intend to get this information so I can update the show’s information. I also plan to deliver more of the flyers to different businesses so that the radio station can be promoted. The businesses are ones that support the radio station. I think I will deliver the flyers on Thursday when I usually work. If I do that, I know I will have the time to do it and I won’t have to set aside extra time in the week.


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