Internship: Week 9

Week of March 19, 2017

This week I wanted to update “Ciencia sin miedo” and “Becoming Lexington” podcasts that I already uploaded on SoundCloud. However, I couldn’t because I was still waiting to hear back from the creators, Sebastián and Miranda. Once I hear back from the two creators, I can update the the two shows by adding information about each episode so that viewers can understand what each show is about before clicking on it.

On Thursday, I delivered flyers to various businesses. I had 10 total flyer stack/packets (or whatever a group of they are called). Here are the businesses I got to that took some:

I have 4 stacks left; I would have only had 3 left, but Mulberry & Lime only took a few flyers rather than the whole stack. I’m going to try and hit a few more businesses up as soon as I can. Delivering the flyers was really fun because it was I got the chance to interact with local businesses and organizations as well as share information so that their customers (hopefully!) will learn about Lexington Community Radio. Although I enjoy being in the studio, it was exciting getting the chance to get out and spread the word about the station. I hope that the flyers will be a great advertising tool since it contains information in English and Spanish. Some of the businesses and organizations I visited were definitely places that would benefit from having bilingual marketing tools.

When I was given a long list of local businesses and organizations to visit, I tried to find ones that would definitely get the flyers the most attention. I wanted to deliver the flyers to places that I think bilingual community members might visit the most so that there would be a greater chance the flyers would be noticed. Since I still have some stacks left, I definitely want to get back out again and deliver them to some places I didn’t get to visit.


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