Internship: Week 10

Week of March 26, 2017

On SoundCloud, I updated some information about some of the “Ciencia Sin Miedo” shows. I added titles and descriptions to some of the episodes based on what I could find on Facebook. I emailed Sebastián on Thursday while I was at the station; he replied and shared with me scripts from the shows. I think that this will be extremely helpful because I can update information about podcasts that I have not been able to yet. There are approximately 5 shows that I have not updated yet; it looks like it’s more than that on SoundCloud because there are multiple parts to each show. This week I also had the opportunity to meet Sebastián, which is really great because I could briefly discuss with him what I had done and he could explain the scripts to me.

This week I also edited some podcasts for an El Pulso show about BCTC.  I intend to upload it as well as soon as I can. I did not update the “Becoming Lexington” podcasts yet because I am waiting to hear back from Miranda before I do so. On Thursday, I emailed her again just incase my previous email had gotten overlooked. Hopefully, I will hear back from her soon and have the opportunity to update the podcasts’ information for her so that her audience will know what each podcast is about.


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