Internship: Week 11-12

Week 11: April 3-7, 2017

Week 12: April 10-15, 2017

On Lexington Community Radio’s SoundCloud, I finally finished updating all of the information about “Ciencia Sin Miedo.” For “Ciencia Sin Miedo” and “Becoming Lexington,” I also made picture using Canva; I noticed that some of the other shows had certain pictures as well that made their playlists stand out. For that reason, I decided to make pictures that I thought fit the theme of the two shows using Canva, which I have had a to of experience sing this year because it is what I use to make advertisements on the Student Activities Board social media accounts.

This week I also started editing a different show on SoundCloud that’s called “H.I.S.S. & H.E.R.S.” “H.I.S.S. & H.E.R.S.”  is a show by Hendrick Floyd, aka Shiesty Khrist, that consists of an hour of music that is ALL CASSETTES ONLY. Right now there are already four podcasts uploaded so I am listening to the uploaded podcasts so that I can come up with descriptions for each as well as find and list the air date of each episode. I also plan to upload the rest of the shows that have not been uploaded yet and add descriptions for those too.


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