Pitch Proposal

There is a lack of transparency between students and administration/DPS; this has generated a lack of trust as well as contributed to a significant sense of unease and fear for safety among students. Because there is little communication, transparency, and trust that exists between these parties, I believe that it is crucial to find a way to establish a bridge between all parties and find a way to ease students’ worries. I think it is important that students’ concerns are not only addressed by listened to, taken seriously by, and respected by administration/DPS. In addition, it is important that students get responses from administration and DPS about their concerns as well as how they want to help ease students’ concerns and work towards solutions.

I am not sure how many changes can be made or how many serious and significant changes could be made in May Term, but I believe that important steps in the right direction can definitely be made. For example, a forum/workshop/meeting of sorts could be arranged where prominent leaders of student organizations could meet with administrators (such as Dean Bryan, Dean Covert, Chief) in order to relay the concerns that their members have about safety. By having representatives attend the meeting, there is the possibility that it will be a less chaotic meeting. That is because there will not be such a large number of students trying stand their ground and be heard; plus, it will give the administrators a chance to thoroughly listen to students’ concerns and grievances and ask questions. Following this joint meeting between both parties, perhaps the administrators could meet separately to discuss the concerns that were brough forth and discuss great solutions to these problems.

I know many students feel unsafe on campus for a variety reasons (e.g. various forms of assault, untimely T-Alerts, etc.). For that reason, I think other members of the class should want to propose other ways that we can bridge the gap between students and the administration/DPS in order to establish solutions to these concerns.


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