Issue Definition and Investigation: Part I

  • The problem is a lack of understanding and assistance for disabled students.
  • This problem is important because it affects many students on campus.
    • We have a mental health crisis on campus: the counseling center is overbooked, suicide crises are becoming more common, and students are losing aid due to bad grades and having to leave school. Students could have so many simple accommodations if professors knew about the simple changes they could make that would have a great effect.
    • Transy is trying to diversify, and this is impossible if our classes aren’t accessible to all students, including those of us who are disabled.
    • Impoverished students already face a very tough college experience. Many have to work both on and off campus to afford groceries and other necessities. Going through official disabilities services requires doctor appointments, which aren’t accessible to those who have to take time off work, pay for appointments, or drive to the doctor.
    • Even students who are being treated and accessing still have to have accommodations, even when they are on medicine and/or receiving counseling. For instance, a student might miss class frequently because of their mental health so it’s very important that they receive extensions on assignments and further assistance.
  • There are different ways that this problem can be fixed; potential solutions are:
    • Annual faculty seminar
    • Booklet
    • Group for disabled students
    • Refer to these tumblr posts x and x. We both made posts on tumblr, explains to our followers what our project is about and asked if any disabled individuals would be willing to share their experiences (anonymous or not) so that we could get a better understanding of students’ wellbeing and how it is being responded to by professors.
  • There are two parties that we have identified as stakeholders, which are:
    • Administrators/Faculty/Staff: Erinn Foglesong, counselors, Ashley Hill, Ashley Hinton-Moncer, Dr. Todorova, possibly Disabilities Services, different professors
    • Students: Teddy, Bradlee (a friend of Shelby’s), a friend of BayLeigh’s, an anonymous survey, etc.

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