Issue Definition and Investigation: Part II


  • There is a lack of knowledge and communication regarding students’ mental health concerns and disabilities, which influences the accommodations that students receive from their professors.
  • Justification: It is important that we address this problem and propose solutions because there are great deal of students who have mental illness and other disabilities, which influences all aspects of their lives. It is important that these students receive accommodations from their professors so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

Target Stakeholder

  • Dean Bryan (or her assistant if necessary)
    • We sent her an email on 5/4 and are waiting for a response.
  • We have other secondary stakeholders that our project intends to entail, but ultimately Dean Bryan is our primary stakeholder because she is someone who can help establish our ideas.
  • Justification: She is the Dean of Academic Affairs, and our goal is to change how faculty interact with mentally ill students. She would be great to discuss what changes are feasible to make in this area.

Strategies + Materials

  • Propose that a seminar, workshop, or training of sorts be created that faculty can attend so that they can better understand how to assist students with mental illness properly and accommodate their needs.
  • Propose that a brochure and/or other type of document be created so that faculty can refer to throughout the school year in case they need a refresher.
    • Suggest what type of materials should be on it.
  • We might use some sort of multimodal presentation when we meet with Dean Bryan, but it depends on how we want to present our project/proposal.
  • Encourage people to take our survey if they are willing. Transy students can click here to complete the survey.

Next Steps

  • Meet with Ashley Hill or the disabilities services to see what is already being done to build on those things.
    • We’ve been in contact with Ashley Hill, but the two days that she offered for us to meet with her neither of us could make those times. We said that we appreciated her help and would get back with her soon to try to meet if we still need her help.
  • Wait for Dean Bryan to reply to our email to see if she could meet on May 18 or May 19 (or another day if need be).
  • Compile ideas of what information and resources should be included in the brochure or whatever document we create for faculty to refer to throughout the year.


  • What steps can be made to aid mentally ill and neurodivergent students if the administration won’t have an annual seminar, workshop, etc?
  • How can we talk about accommodations for mentally ill students without insulting the disabilities office or nullifying the aid that they do?
  • Ensure that students are offered aid based on their individual circumstances. Some students might have similar situations, but their cases are very unique despite similar mental illness or other similar situations.

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