Questions for Serenity Wright

  1. What are some difficulties/hurdles you have faced at Transy as a student and as a staff member in terms of activism? Do you have any advice based on your experiences?
  2. Was it difficult at all settling into your position as a staff member because you remembered what it was like to be a student here and what it was like to be a student with needs and goals? Did this help you relate to and help students because you could understand what it’s like to be a Transy student, even though things might have been a little different—or very different?
  3. As a staff member, what was the biggest challenge you faced in terms of helping and/or teaching students about activism?
  4. How can we, as students, effectively and appropriately address issues and solutions to Transy’s administration?
  5. How can we prevent (or at least try) administration and faculty/staff from viewing our projects and activist endeavors as a distraction or a nuisance? How can we be taken seriously?
  6. How do you mobilize students and perhaps faculty/staff to support your activism?

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