Feedback from Our Class Presentation Yesterday

Yesterday we presented our project proposal in class. Based on the feedback we got from the class and our own reflection, here are some things that we fixed and plan to address:

  • One piece of feedback that we got was to explain our pie chart better so that it is not misleading. For instance, we clarified that the graph is something we made on our own based on information we got from Transy’s website and the U.S. Census Bureau’s website. Anther student also expressed that she was slightly confused about one part of the pie chart so we clarified that.
  • Another student asked a question about confidentiality and how we would handle the possibility that a student expressed very personal, concerning information (i.e. the possibility of harming themselves). We would try to reach out to the student privately, tell them about the resources available to them, and address the situation further to see what steps need to be taken.
  • We realized that we need to make it clear that the program or student organization is open to all students, not just students with mental health concerns or other disabilities. Allies are encouraged to attend meetings and events; allies are also encouraged to serve as a supporter.

We made changes based on the feedback we received because we realized that these suggestions were very valid and it is important that we fix them in order to make things more clear.


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