About Me


Launched in January 2015, I initially created this blog to share reports and reflections for class and I continued to use this blog for rhetoric classes throughout my undergraduate career. What I noticed, as I blogged for class and shared the research from my writing portfolio, is common threads existed in my research. My passions and interests shined through my short reflections written primarily for this blog as well as through my research for multimodal projects. From traditional research papers to digital media projects, I created a variety of projects that discussed a multitude of topics—pop culture, gender, content warnings, music videos, feminism, contemporary animated films, women in war, Spanish literature, and more. My blog posts for class even highlighted these topics and passions periodically.

After graduation, I started to wonder why there is a such a strong connection between my scholarly work and my passions. How did I seamlessly weave my joys and interests outside of class with my academic work over the last four years? Could I continue to pursue my joy for rhetorical exploration as well as keep sharing my stories and projects on this blog? For that reason, I decided I must continue blogging about what I enjoy: pop culture, films, music, social justice, literature, travel, and so on. Although I am less focused on professional, academic writing for the time being, I still intend to share my writing and passions on my WordPress blog; it is my hope that this blog will highlight my growth as a scholar, rhetorician, and person. I am happy to be on this journey with you as I share my love for writing—and so much else.

If you are interested in learning more about my educational experience or professional history, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


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