Internship: Final Reflection

The time has finally come. My time at Lexington Community Radio is ending, and I have thoroughly enjoyed interning there not only this semester but last semester as well. The past several months has been full of powerful learning experiences, including moments in which I have assisted with community outreach. To begin, Lexington Community Radio is a Low Power FM radio station that is the home to 95.7FM El Pulso Latino and WLXU 93.9FM that is located in the STEAM Academy; their goal is to empower community voices as well as support projects and organizations that focus on bettering the lives within the community. 95.7FM El Pulso Latino consists of Spanish programming and shows that are hosted by Latino community members. A main goal of El Pulso is to provide news, education, music, art, culture, and so much to the Lexington community. El Pulso is incredibly important because it provides significant and noteworthy information to the Latino community in Spanish. For many members of the Latino community, it is very important that they have resources available to them in Spanish, which is why El Pulso is so amazing.

Serving as an intern at Lexington Community Radio this semester has been a wonderful opportunity. I have had the chance to connect with local business and sponsors for marketing and outreach opportunities on behalf of LCR. Furthermore, I have represented the station at publicity events, like Night Market with staff members. From delivering informative flyers about LCR to representing LCR in the community, it has been a fun and rewarding experience interacting with the Lexington community while simultaneously serving Lexington Community Radio. In addition, I have also obtained vital skills that will assist me in the future; for example, this semester I have become proficient in using Audacity program by editing 95.7FM El Pulso Latino show and sharing via SoundCloud. Over the course of this school year, I have improved translation skills by communicating with Spanish-speakers at the station and off-site events, creating PSAs in Spanish, and listening to podcasts of El Pulso 95.7 shows. Not only that, I have also recorded PSAs in English; I have recorded PSAs in English about the station itself as well as PSAs in both languages about events at the Lexington Theater. Additionally, I have occasionally managed LCR’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts in order to keep the public updated about changes within the station as well as important news and events.

Being able to practice Spanish has really boosted my confidence, which is something that I have really been trying to do; I am still a bit shy when it comes to speaking Spanish, but I have really noticed some improvement in my Spanish skills—even if it might not be as noticeable to others. Everyday a variety of people walk into LCR, and I quickly realized how I would have to be flexible. Some of the people who come in to record shows work at local businesses, such as Lyric Theater and Kentucky Refugee Ministries; others are just everyday citizens. I had to adapt to every situation and learn how to interact with those who came in. I quickly learned that some people I could be very casual with, but with other people I recognized that it was more important to act more professionally. With that in mind, I sent several emails to DJs because it was my responsibility to upload their podcasts to LCR’s SoundCloud, which is something that my supervisor can attest to. I utilized the email etiquette that I have learned in college, especially in classes like Business Writing. Because I had never met these individuals and was acting on behalf of the station, I had to act very professional. Not to mention, I had to be very personable and professional when I delivered flyers to local businesses and organizations in Lexington.

After interning at LCR this school year, I got the chance to obtain an inside look at how they are serving the community. I strongly believe that LCR is fulfilling its goal to “empower the community by engaging listeners with local, timely, and relevant information and opinion that positively impact safety and quality of life in Lexington” (Lexington Community Radio). They are very involved within the Lexington community and are always trying to create new ideas about how they—and other organizations—can help the community. LCR is very passionate about keeping the Lexington updated, providing intriguing and unique shows, and including diverse individuals; as someone who has attended events (co)-hosted by LCR and spent hours at the station, I can attest that are achieving just that.

One of LCR’s greatest strengths is that include such fascinating and diverse DJs on the air. Whenever I am at the station, I interact with diverse individuals from the community. It is exciting to hear their stories and listen to their fascinating shows. Another strength is that they are very active within the community and finding ways to help Lexington’s citizens. They provide very important information about health, education, community events, and more on their stations for listeners, which is critical for people who really need these resources as well as all of Lexington’s citizens. Also, I think it is amazing that LCR is so active within the community. They host and co-sponsor great programs and events that help Lexington’s people as well as invite amazing people to be a part of shows, PSAs, ads, and more.

As I wrap up my time at the station, I am amazed by how this internship has shaped my academic career as well as prepared me for what is ahead post-graduation. If I could change anything at all about my experience, it would be that I could be more involved outside the station; I got to represent LCR at Night Market at October, and I really enjoyed being able to directly interact with the community and promote LCR. I expected to learn about what goes on behind the scenes at a radio station. For example, I learned that and more about what it takes to make a radio station operate efficiently. In the past, I never had experience with radio programming at all, which is why this internship has been so valuable. I learned how to edit podcasts, enhanced my Spanish skills, and improved my overall communication skills by interacting with diverse groups of people. And just like that my time at Lexington Community Radio this semester has ended; it has been a pleasure interning at this wonderful organization for the entire 2016-17 school year.


Internship: Week 11-12

Week 11: April 3-7, 2017

Week 12: April 10-15, 2017

On Lexington Community Radio’s SoundCloud, I finally finished updating all of the information about “Ciencia Sin Miedo.” For “Ciencia Sin Miedo” and “Becoming Lexington,” I also made picture using Canva; I noticed that some of the other shows had certain pictures as well that made their playlists stand out. For that reason, I decided to make pictures that I thought fit the theme of the two shows using Canva, which I have had a to of experience sing this year because it is what I use to make advertisements on the Student Activities Board social media accounts.

This week I also started editing a different show on SoundCloud that’s called “H.I.S.S. & H.E.R.S.” “H.I.S.S. & H.E.R.S.”  is a show by Hendrick Floyd, aka Shiesty Khrist, that consists of an hour of music that is ALL CASSETTES ONLY. Right now there are already four podcasts uploaded so I am listening to the uploaded podcasts so that I can come up with descriptions for each as well as find and list the air date of each episode. I also plan to upload the rest of the shows that have not been uploaded yet and add descriptions for those too.

Internship: Week 10

Week of March 26, 2017

On SoundCloud, I updated some information about some of the “Ciencia Sin Miedo” shows. I added titles and descriptions to some of the episodes based on what I could find on Facebook. I emailed Sebastián on Thursday while I was at the station; he replied and shared with me scripts from the shows. I think that this will be extremely helpful because I can update information about podcasts that I have not been able to yet. There are approximately 5 shows that I have not updated yet; it looks like it’s more than that on SoundCloud because there are multiple parts to each show. This week I also had the opportunity to meet Sebastián, which is really great because I could briefly discuss with him what I had done and he could explain the scripts to me.

This week I also edited some podcasts for an El Pulso show about BCTC.  I intend to upload it as well as soon as I can. I did not update the “Becoming Lexington” podcasts yet because I am waiting to hear back from Miranda before I do so. On Thursday, I emailed her again just incase my previous email had gotten overlooked. Hopefully, I will hear back from her soon and have the opportunity to update the podcasts’ information for her so that her audience will know what each podcast is about.

Internship: Week 9

Week of March 19, 2017

This week I wanted to update “Ciencia sin miedo” and “Becoming Lexington” podcasts that I already uploaded on SoundCloud. However, I couldn’t because I was still waiting to hear back from the creators, Sebastián and Miranda. Once I hear back from the two creators, I can update the the two shows by adding information about each episode so that viewers can understand what each show is about before clicking on it.

On Thursday, I delivered flyers to various businesses. I had 10 total flyer stack/packets (or whatever a group of they are called). Here are the businesses I got to that took some:

I have 4 stacks left; I would have only had 3 left, but Mulberry & Lime only took a few flyers rather than the whole stack. I’m going to try and hit a few more businesses up as soon as I can. Delivering the flyers was really fun because it was I got the chance to interact with local businesses and organizations as well as share information so that their customers (hopefully!) will learn about Lexington Community Radio. Although I enjoy being in the studio, it was exciting getting the chance to get out and spread the word about the station. I hope that the flyers will be a great advertising tool since it contains information in English and Spanish. Some of the businesses and organizations I visited were definitely places that would benefit from having bilingual marketing tools.

When I was given a long list of local businesses and organizations to visit, I tried to find ones that would definitely get the flyers the most attention. I wanted to deliver the flyers to places that I think bilingual community members might visit the most so that there would be a greater chance the flyers would be noticed. Since I still have some stacks left, I definitely want to get back out again and deliver them to some places I didn’t get to visit.

Internship: Week 8

Week of March 12, 2017

Over Spring Break, I communicated with a man named Sebastián Hernández. Sebastián Hernández is one of the co-hosts of “Ciencia sin miedo”, and I’ve edited and uploaded the show to Lexington Community Radio’s SoundCloud. He has information and scripts that I can use in order to update “Ciencia sin miedo” and each episode. By writing a description for each episode as well as providing a general description for  the show, the audience will be able to know what they’re listening to before they click on the episode. In addition, the viewers will be able to know information in the event that they want to research it more.

In the coming week, I intend to get this information so I can update the show’s information. I also plan to deliver more of the flyers to different businesses so that the radio station can be promoted. The businesses are ones that support the radio station. I think I will deliver the flyers on Thursday when I usually work. If I do that, I know I will have the time to do it and I won’t have to set aside extra time in the week.

Internship: Weeks 6-7

Week 6: Feb. 26 – March 4, 2017

Week 7: March 5-11, 2017

During week 6, I faced some challenges mostly in regards to time management. I was very busy that week because I signed up to go to the Career Fair downtown on Tuesday, which is usually when I go to the radio station; I ended up going after the Career Fair, but not for as long as I would have liked. Then, on Wednesday, there was senior preview so I could not use what was normally free time to upload podcasts onto SoundCloud. Greek Weekend started last Thursday night, and I was in charge of it so I had my hands full. Greek Weekend took weeks of planning, but the week of (and the actual weekend) took up so much of my time. Luckily, I got spend as much time as I usually do at the radio station last Thursday because the first Greek Weekend event was late at night.

Now that Greek Weekend is over and I have caught up on homework, I have a had a bit of chance to breathe. This Tuesday (February 28) I finally finished editing all of the “Becoming Lexington” shows that Miranda Brown has recorded. I have saved all of podcasts on my USB drive that way I can upload them when I am not at the radio station. The Wifi at the radio station is rather slow so it is easier for me to upload the podcasts to SoundCloud when I am not there. I spent most of my free time on Wednesday uploading all of the podcasts that had not been uploaded yet.

Now that they are all uploaded, I can go back and add extra important information to the description of each podcast. In the descriptions, I plan to add the name of who Brown interviewed; that way listeners can have that readily available to them in case they want to look up that person online for additional information. I would also like to add a couple sentences of information about that person so that listeners can have an understanding of what that podcast might be about. In addition, I have thought about adding a specific picture for each podcast so that they would all stand out from one another. I intend to communicate with Miranda Brown in order to ensure that I am spelling names correctly as well as get her opinion on what pictures to use (if that is something she would like to do).

The last two weeks have been very productive, even though they have been extremely busy. I hope to have a chance soon to deliver more flyers to businesses in order to help promote Lexington Community Radio within in the Lexington community. I also want to go to LexBrunch again soon because I really enjoyed listening to local musicians and eating local food.

Internship: Weeks 4-5

Week 4: February 12-18, 2017

Week 5: February 19-25, 2017

Over the last week, I have continued editing “Becoming Lexington” shows as well as uploading the podcasts to Lexington Community Radio’s SoundCloud. Currently, I am trying to focus on how I explain each podcast in its description on SoundCloud. On SoundCloud, I have made a playlist that displays all of the “Becoming Lexington” shows I have uploaded thus far. When you click on a certain podcast, it will play and also display a description/bio of sorts. I have contacted Miranda Brown and asked for help identifying the names of the individuals in her interviews; that way I can state the person’s name, qualifications, and other background information in the description. Adding this information will help differentiate each podcast in the “Becoming Lexington” playlist. Ultimately, this will also help viewers have a better understanding of what they are about to listen to as well as provide them important information they can use to understand the interviewee.

At the moment, I am really focusing on trying to finish editing and uploading “Becoming Lexington” on SoundCloud. She’s been recording this show for several months so there are quite a few shows I have to go through. However, I am really enjoying listening to the bits and pieces that I get to hear while I am editing. I think that Miranda Brown’s show is really fascinating and brilliant; I am glad that there is a show like this being recorded. I hope I can finish uploading the podcasts soon as well as listen to one of them.

On Sunday, February 12, my parents and I went to the Burl for LexBrunch. We got to eat food from Doodles and listen to Tee Dee Young perform. Serving as an intern at LCR really helps me learn about awesome events and organizations within the Lexington community. It is really fun learning about this stuff and being able to share the information with my friends and family so that they can enjoy it too. I hope to attend this event in the future and bring more friends along with me!

Internship: Week 3

Week of February 5, 2017

This week was full of trial and error, which led to lots of great learning experiences. I realized that the podcasts I uploaded on SoundCloud weren’t available to play in the United States. The reason they weren’t available is because I accidentally didn’t upload them in the correct format; it was an easy mistake, but it was still quite frustrating for me. Everyone at the station was understanding and encouraged me that it was an easy fix. That same day I resaved the files but in the correct format this time. I haven’t had the chance to  re-upload them, but I plan to very soon.

At the moment, I’m still editing some of Miranda Brown’s previously recorded shows. I haven’t had a chance to listen any of her shows all the way through yet, but from what I’ve heard as I’m editing, I really enjoy it. I catch pieces of the interviews she’s recorded; I think it’s amazing that she gets to meet and talk to so many awesome people in Lexington. She captures so many fascinating stories, and I really enjoy listening to them. Since she can translate the stories in Spanish, I bet she gets an even wider audience. Being able to translate the stories in Spanish is great because she can even interview Spanish-speakers within the Lexington community, especially some that might not know English well—or at all. I think it’s great that Miranda can share so many incredible stories because it helps others understand the experiences of those around them.

This semester I’m really looking forward to helping Lexington Community Radio expand their presence. I’m happy that I can help them reach a wider audience by uploading podcasts on SoundCloud as well as assist with various other tasks, such as delivering flyers to local businesses that sponsor Lexington Community Radio. LCR is really active in the Lexington community; for instance, they’re participating in a concert series called LexBrunch at the Burl that starts February 12. I think this will be another great way for them to expand their presence while simultaneously supporting other local organizations, individuals, etc. I’m excited to attend the concert series as well as bring my parents to one of the brunches so that they can sort of see what I do.

Internship: Weeks 1-2

Week 1: January 22-28, 2017

Week 2: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, 2017

In my first two weeks at Lexington Community Radio this semester, I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn how to edit shows as well as post them on the station’s SoundCloud. I have not had much experience with editing in the past so it has been very fun learning how to do so. Audacity is the software that Lexington Community Radio uses to edit the shows; it is a relatively easy software to use so it has not taken very long for me to get used to it. There are some aspects that I am still learning about Audacity, but for the most part, what I have to do does not involve lots of detailed work.

For the time being, I am focusing on editing one DJ’s show. The show is known as “Becoming Lexington” or “Convirtiendonos en Lexington” in Spanish. “Becoming Lexington” is an incredibly interesting show in which the DJ Miranda Brown shares the stories of diverse individuals within the Lexington community. On the show, Brown shares fascinating new interviews of the remarkable and captivating people of Lexington. Perhaps the coolest part of her show—to me at least—is that she speaks in English and in Spanish, which helps share these compelling stories with the Latino community. The people that Brown interviews are all very unique, which is why it is amazing and important that she speaks in both languages.

During my second week, I had the chance to talk with her briefly over the phone and explain what I would be doing. Brown was very excited about what I am doing because I am helping share her show with a wider audience. Since El Pulso 95.7 is a low-powered station, it does not reach other parts of the state. Posting her shows online in podcast form means that people around the globe can listen to her show. I really enjoy being able to help her expand her presence and share her amazing show with more people online. In addition to phone communication, Brown and I have communicated through email as well. Communicating through email is great because she can share information about her radio station, including descriptions for the show and episodes. This information is important to me because it helps me understand her show better so that I can represent it as best as possible online.

During my second work, I continued editing Brown’s show and uploading it SoundCloud. At this point, I also got to help post on Lexington Community Radio’s social media. I have had lots of experience with public relations and marketing on social media so I am really excited to help them with that when necessary, but my main focus is to help with the station with editing and uploading podcasts. This semester I am very excited to improve my audio editing skills; it is a very fun process, and I think it will definitely be beneficial to have these skills in the future.

Interning at Lexington Community Radio has been a very fun and rewarding experience. I really enjoy getting to meet with so many members of the Lexington community. Every time I am at the radio station, I am enhancing my interpersonal communication skills. I am really looking forward to being able to help with any events that Lexington Community Radio hosts or participates in Lexington and assist with their podcasts. Over the last couple weeks and months, I have really enjoyed interning at the radio station. I am certain that it will continue to be an amazing experience.