Final Project


In the Fall of 2016, I completed my Senior Seminar in Writing, Rhetoric & Communication. I created a project about the representation of LGBTQ+ Latinos in films. Each student completed a slightly different final product; my projected consisted of collecting and displaying my research on a website that I created myself. To check out my final product, click here. Below is an abstract about my project:

For as long as I can remember, I have been very interested in learning about Latino culture. I realized that I did not know much about LGBTQ+ issues in relation to the Latino community. I decided to examine this group not only because I wanted to learn more but I also wanted to share information so that others can learn too. As I started to research this LGBTQ+ Latinos, a lot of questions came to mind:

How are micro aggressions against LGBTQ+ Latino reflected in films? How does this rhetoric influence Americans’ perceptions of LGBTQ+ Latinos? Are there films combatting these microagressions and stereotypes in ways that are groundbreaking? Why does it seem to me that LGBTQ+ Latinos are underrepresented in these forms of media?

For this reason, I decided to analyze how LGBTQ+ Latinos are representedor even silencedn films. This project will use the critical race theory to analyze two Latino films (Fresas y Chocolate and Cuatro Lunas) with the intention of revealing how LGBTQ+ Latinos are portrayed and how these representations influence Americans’ perceptions.